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Because of the growing popularity of mobile websites we have ventured into mobile website design and development.  So far we are using Vraul as a testbed for an auto-switching environment between a regular site and a mobile app (application) site.

What this means is we are now capable of providing stable websites that provide both a regular website for those with desktop-computers as well as very well laid out and scaled down websites for mobile devices that are both easy to read and easy navigate.

Ready for the best part?  Basic mobile design is FREE with your purchase of a website on or after March 28, 2011!  Purchased your site before then?  Thats ok because most support plans will cover to have mobility added to your plan, likewise, the programming would be absolutely free for any Goldsboro Web Development (and design) customer, you would only have to pay for labor to design the mobile site for you.

In short, there is no small print, no hidden fees, no “mobile hosting fees”.  This is just another way we bring you good ‘ole southern honesty and integrity.

About the Author

A US Army Veteran and a veteran CEO, Michael brings leadership and technical know-how to the table with a high level of ethics and expectations from his team.


  1. That seems quite a good plan but there is nothing much mentioned regarding data plan.

  2. “nothing much mentioned regarding data plan”

    Obviously this would be your concern not GWD’s.

  3. Seriously, was that just random spam that guy wrote? Who cares about a data plan when your discussing design. BTW way to go with the app sites; that has really helped us out on our site.