Activities Ireland, lead by Nessa McCall came to us in January of 2010 with a great need for a website that just “works”.  We delivered a sleek website that is both “Irish”, presentable, and professional!  Starting with a featured hotels box, client logins, and a custom flash area selector, Activities Ireland was ready and set to start taking their business to the next level.  In April of 2010, Ms McCall had a dire issue with her web-hosting company, they were severely limiting her bandwidth and causing her site to load slow and the search engines not to index her site, we jumped in and answered the call by providing MLW & Associates’ Award Winning Cyber Advocacy program to try and resolve her problem.  Though they were able to determine why her site was running slow (due to her hosting company) they were unable to resolve the issue with the web host, so again MLW & Associates stepped up and showed Activities Ireland “Southern Hospitality” and set her up on award-winning hosting environment will full support and monitoring.

The image to the left is a 2 year old site for Activities Ireland. Once “in a blue moon” we provide our long-term customers with a re-Design option to fit into their service contracts as a way to keep them up-to-date on the latest web technologies.  Some may argue that these re-disigns generally look much better than the original, and they would be accurate.  Re-Designs are just that, we are simply re-styling the website and can invest 100% effort into doing so without the need to divert to coding or database development.

After a LOT of research and studying the business model and European methods, we came to the conclusion that Activities Ireland needed yet another redesign and layout with a “call to action”, so in June 2012 this is exactly what we set out to do (at no cost to our client). We have just deployed the new site which is built upon the same prinicpals as it was with callouts on each listing that informs the viewer that they can get started in the booking process by simply giving their name, phone number, and email address.

Take a look at the “New” Activities Ireland Website:
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