blankWeb 2.0 isn’t just a fad, it was a new method of sharing favorite information, and has grown to standards conformation, easy to use websites which has developed into a system that is now widely used across the net.  In fact, the larger companies IT staff would call one “Old-School” if they didn’t have their social networks linked into their website.  And they would be right.  We all have to remember that like a computer you buy from the store, the technology advances so quickly that it is out of date by the time you get it out of the box.  The internet functions the same way – in theory.

Though the internet isn’t changing its ways every time you request a web page, but you can be rest assured that as soon as you create a new website, something has changed and needs updating.  Those that are still using the same HTML and styles they used back in 2000 are considered dinosaurs of the internet and the truth behind that is more obvious than ever.  Most of these dinosaurs still use standard HTML (just with the opening <html> tags), but new browsers such as Google’s Chrome and other mobile browsers will refuse to even load these pages!

So lets examine the impact that not having a web 2.0 site has on your company.  You will loose mobile traffic which accounts for over 40% of the internet’s end-user traffic, search engines will refuse to index your content or index it improperly, and users will not stay on your page if they happen to find it unless they absolutely have to stay to do something essential (like pay a bill).  In retrospect, your company would only receive a fraction of the online-business that you would be getting should you get your site re-developed with Web 2.0 standards.

In short, Web 2.0 isn’t just an aesthetic improvement to your website any longer, it is absolutely critical to get the full range of potential from your company’s online business.  There are too many businesses in North Carolina that are still in the internet stone-age, help us spread the message and get North Carolina’s economy thriving again!