When I began my forum it was only supposed to be small. Meant for a clan I was leading in a web game to communicate better. A public side to it grew quickly tho and I started to see potential in it. I started looking for different ways to increase traffic to it.

One day I ran across a site called VRAUL. It was brand new at the time and I signed up for it. I began talking to the administrator of it Michael Wells(of MLW & Associates) and he suggested I start a blog. He helped me get it set up and helped me tweak the theme to match closer to my forum. Once I made my first post he showed me just how fast the information hit the search engines.

I do not know exactly how much of my traffic I owe to him and the blog he helped me with.However I do know it is significantly more than I would have had I not ran across VRAUL and met Michael.

Thanks to him, VRAUL and MLW & Associates(which owns VRAUL) I learned a great deal about some of the newer techniques to get my site “out there”. So I write this testimonial for my thanks to him and his company MLW & Associates.

Chris C. – Admin/Owner of