blankGoldsboro Web Development is now offering a new service, QuickSites™! This new innovated method of delivering web development to the end-user is one of a kind in the world, giving you the option to “try” before you “buy” model featuring an instant delivery from checkout.

QuickSites™ is already up and running the live sites. All you have to do is browse through them, find the one you like, and add it to your cart through CataBlog (our parent company’s shopping cart system). Once you purchase the site, it is taken down and cannot be re-ordered, you are instantly sent the admin username and password for the website (to change to your liking) and allowed to customize all of the back-end features such as Site Title and Name, Site Description, and start adding your own content and uploading your own images.

EASY AS 1, 2, 3
No, really, it is that easy. We’ll show you:

  1. Browse through the sites (click “Live View” on an image you like to really test it out)
  2. Tab back to CataBlog, and click “Add to cart” and fill out the site Title and Description
  3. Pay for the site, and LOGIN!

I have never seen another system on the net that is this easy to get a website up and going that is professional, standards compliant, and already search engine optimized.   If you find one, let me know!

All sites will always come with FREE unlimited hosting; that means you get a 100Mbit connection to the server, and we do not monitor your bandwidth or disk space, use as much as you like! After six months you pay only $35.00/yr for your site, which includes support and hosting services. How cost effective is that?