blankSuper CAPTCHA was one of the first pieces of software we developed under the General Public License. Since we developed it, it ran across the internet like wild-fire as everyone running WordPress blogs knew they were vulnerable to one thing — Spam. It really isn’t very fun to login to your blog every day and spend two hours sifting through spam, so we developed this piece of software and figured that it would be a show of low morale character to sell the product being there were so many people whom really needed the product. So we published it for the public and today, over 110,000 WEBSITES WORLD-WIDE USE IT.

This simple “plugin” forces those registering or logging into a WordPress website to first have to answer a question based on an image with words written on it. This piece of software is revolutionary because it was the first piece of CAPTCHA on the internet to start the trend of using random armaments to the image to keep the spam bots from “pre-programing” image readers to scan the image for the answer, automatically. This software actually changes, at random, several aspects of the image, from the font type, font color, and right down to the tilt and angles the fonts are rendered at. In fact the software INTENTIONALLY places some fonts half-way off the image so the “human reasoning engine” must prevail in order to correctly answer the question. Sometimes people just don’t get it, and we got it, so, we made it even easier for humans by adding an audio download that verbally reads the question to you!


Gee, thats a lot!  Now how do I know your code is actually in and being used in those sites?

In order for someone to use the code, we stipulated that they must provide in the footer of the site credits to the software, you should see “Powered by Super-CAPTCHA” at the bottom of each website with a link back to our web-page.