blankOn June 12th, 2010, Christopher Dawson reported on ZD-Net that Google had many law-suits piling up over a very serious privacy violation. What Google had done was about criminally equivalent as a “Peeping Tom”. Google uses their mobile street-cars to snap pictures around your area so you can use their “street view” on Google Maps. However what Google didn’t tell you is that they were taking a little bit longer if you had an unsecured wireless network because they hooked up to your network and started recording everything you did on it from your personal websites, bank sites, etc. There is no limit to what information Google potentially has on any individual at any point in time now.

So now there are many people whom have never consented to Google’s privacy policy that Google has exploited without their knowledge, and the pile of lawsuits, as Christopher reports, is getting thicker! No matter what is going on, one thing is for sure, Google has done some peeping into unsuspecting house-holds, the question is, what happens now?