On September 8, 2010, Google released and announced their new search interface “Google Instant”. As they said; this technology will bring you search results instantly to your desk top as you type.

This launch was not about putting the hyper-drive on the internet but instead to show the users how to better refine their search queries so they can see every letter grouped with another is another query. Through this, Google aims to influence the way we make our search queries.

As the conspiracy theorists argue this is only another venue where Google is taking over planetary data, Google still has the great defense: it speeds up your life.

Photographer: James Martin

How it Works

When you type in a regular search engine page, all the letters you are typing remains unknown to the search engine’s servers until you click the “Search” button.  Google has changed this by giving you letter-by-letter real-time results in a data stream using JQuery and AJax to deliver the results instantly to your screen.  As you type “apples”, the A would give you a list of results, pp, would give you apps and application type results until you get down to the l in which you start to see the word you were looking for.  This works much like multi-word queries (phrases) and multi-query searches works by delivering the real-time results as you type.  Though this does help you better understand the query process; it also has the best benefit of all; its instant.

Well before we get the incoming storm of questions, this new technology in no way interferes with search engine ranking; though it may somewhat effect those with multi word queries though without studies, we’re still uncertain to what impact this will have.