This year of 2010, we would like to join the holiday spirit by adding a gift which we will be giving away this December 24th.  We will be appealing to all of the local charities and non-profits from the Goldsboro, North Carolina and surrounding areas in which we will select one on December 20th, 2010 and create them a full-fledged website that will both get them the attention they deserve and provide functionality to its visitors to ensure the organization as a great start for the year of 2011.

Any registered charities or tax deductible (upon donation) non-profit organizations are eligible for entry.  To enter, we will need a formal letter detailing the reasons you think your organization should receive a website and the benefits it can provide to your organization.  Please be concise and descriptive, especially in describing the nature of your organization this will greatly help us in the selection process.  Please send your letter of application to:

ATTN: Holiday Charity Drive
MLW & Associates, LLC
113 Buttonwood Rd.
Goldsboro, NC 27530