Sherwood “Owl” Williford approached our company in need of a full online solution for his publishing company and more specifically his latest book “Hanging Out in Corbett Hill” in order to improve his products visibility and sales.  As we suggested, we have rolled out a website which allows him to share his thoughts with his reads in a live view, socially “plugable”, and allows his reads to purchase copies of the book and his other works within one click from the home page!

This site has several mechanisms to allow Mr Williford to communicate directly with his readers via email and by commenting directly to his thoughts for the day.  The site is as simple as it is affordable.  Any time someone makes a purchase with their Master Card or Visa Card, the money earned is deposited in his company’s account within 3 business days.

After being a loyal client, we created a new design absolutely free of charge.  Take a look at the old design to the right in comparison to the new to the left.