blankAll of our customers whom are currently subscribed to Goldsboro Web Development Hosting has received en email today explaining our new cloud hosting service also detailing both pros and cons of that.   We are hoping that we can get as many people as possible on the cloud if not all of our clients by 2014.

Upon completion of a very extensive study conducted by our company, we have found that cloud hosting is more secure (data integrity) than conventional hosting methods, however privacy protection is a point that is severely lacking.  At the moment it tends to be a little more expensive with most hosting providers but you are still getting a very stable hosting platform.

As we explained in our email, cloud hosting works much differently than the legacy singular hosting systems out there like we deploy.  The legacy hosting platforms simply answer and respond to requests and generally handle all hosted services including email.  However cloud hosting, still requiring this system, has a content delivery system that provides a very thick wall of security between the webmaster and the rest of the world.  Cloud hosting has a different approach to content delivery that is based on publishing caches across the web from that legacy and singular hosting environment and mirroring the website from several points and locations.  With this, major DNS changes must be made, but the end-result is a very fast, pre-processed, website that is impervious to hackers.

As we stated in the email, a hacker trying to hack a cloud website is equivocal to a corporate spy trying to steal secrets from a billboard — they will only get what you intend to give them.

The primary concern is through this content sharing system in that it may provide access for shady cloud hosting points to sift through, steal, and possibly hijack your clients. This seems to be a very rare occurrence so far that the cloud is just getting its foot-hold, but the potential is there for the opportunistic and shady types out there.

We will be offering a Cloud Hosting solution as a standard service on Monday, November 14, 2011.  This service will allow for both new and existing clients to signup for and change their current hosting environment to the cloud, providing them with both the benefit of security, stability, and extreme performance.  Cloud hosting is still not recommended to clients with shopping cards, secure sites, and sites that store sensitive information as this information will be provided to parties other than Goldsboro Web Development at which point we will not be able to guarantee either your site’s security or the security of your clients.