blankMany web developers and web designers out there still (for some strange reason) make extensive use of tables in their style and layout.  Ever had a contractor building your house actually use 20th century building materials in its construction?  How about a mechanic using 20th century iron crafted parts instead of aluminum or steel?  When your developer uses tables to create your website they are doing the same thing and the most frustrating thing is that it costs nothing to use the updated CSS methods, in fact it is much easier and less confusing!

Google and many other search engines do their jobs very well — indexing information and determining what parts of your website are meat and which are okra.  But it simply doesn’t help when there are is more styling code then content and can make some of the less popular indexing services give up trying to sift through your code for real content. Today, with all the web competition out there, it is more important than ever to ensure your provider and designers are stay on top of the latest technologies.  And we’re not selfish, we’ll teach your provider how!  Just tell them to contact us.