blankOn Friday, December 16, 2011 at 10:00am EST, Goldsboro Web Development will be holding its first ever online-conference and seminar.  For all Goldsboro Web Development customers the entry will be free of charge, all you have to have is an active (in good standing) account.  Those that do not qualify for free entry can purchase an entry ticket which we will have available in our online store later on this week.  We need folks to RSVP this, so please contact us and RSVP.

The speaker will be Michael L Wells and a guest speaker (to be announced).  Michael will be covering the aspects of SEO and how Web 2.blank0 technologies and techniques can accelerate your website.  Furthermore he will cover the topics of the famous WordPress based Blogging Platform in CMS situations and how users of this platform can better publish content in a manner that gets them instant and strong search engine rankings.

Our guest speaker will be speaking about Google’s Methods, the web-trust policies Google deploys in their data indexes, and how to avoid being black listed or grey listed.

The conference will take place in Skype channel GoldsboroWD.  The channel will be set to mod-only until the end where we will have a questions and answer segment.  Recording of the conference will be strictly prohibited.