blankWe have just released the newest version of Super CAPTCHA for WordPress.  Incrementing its version to now 2.3.3, Super CAPTCHA should run on all WordPress systems version 3.0.0 or later.  Boasting the only release to-date for WordPress that includes a full anti-spam suite and the first ever WordPress 3-D CAPTCHA.

You can now worry less about those pesky automated signups and focus more on developing your WordPress site and community.  We have tested this captcha system against 37 different automated OCR engines and found that this is the first CAPTCHA system ever to be 100% defensible against automated registration attempts.

This latest release now focuses more on our new 3-D CAPTCHA and less on the old traditional 2-D CAPTCHA.  You can read more on this release on our Super CAPTCHA product page.