Memorial Day: A soldier pauses while placing flags on the graves Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia in preparation for Memorial Day ave the military cemetery.Every person has its loyalty, every company has one too.  Mine is to my home country, the United State of America.  As a US Army Veteran, anything that strikes our country is like a knife in the abdomen, including some of the ridiculous executive orders and laws that have been rolling out from the top lately.  Every veteran has this passion and it comes from the friends he’s lost in combat — those friends that jumped on a grenade to spare us, those friends that drew enemy fire to give us a few extra seconds to move, those friends that were taken through our battles of defeat.
It is today, that every veteran serves a tear as those friends and lost comrades are remembered, because it is their memory and their actions that bind us so closely with our country and the people for which she serves help us to keep their memories alive.

It is days like today that I sit back and wonder, “how was I so lucky?” and “why not me?”  But then I realize that luck plays no part — for it is my fallen comrade that now lives forever and it is for that sacrifice and gift of immortality that I now live under their eternal legacy of freedom.