blank It is days like today we are able to sit back and remember what the price of freedom was. For me, it is priceless and I sit today humbled at the price paid by so many to ensure that today, we can sit in the lap of that luxury that is our liberty.  It is easy to forget how much freedoms we have — especially when growing up knowing nothing else.  I was that child, until I enlisted in the US Army, I had no idea what those without our freedoms pay and sacrifice every day to live in their societies.

Here are some expamples of why I love the USA:

  1. CHINA – You are limited to one child per family unless you are wealthy, then you are written a pass.
  2. MEXICO – Mexico really tries hard, but there is a sad truth – there are two rules of government – the official governments and the drug cartels.
    GERMANY – While I was stationed in Germany, this country would become my second choice should the liberties I have come crashing down – but I submit to you, you have never had your car searched, your house searched, or “raided” until you have had this performed by the German Politizi.  Many Germans were happy to be able to file a small percentage on their insurance if the search turned up nothing.   In this country, teenagers that turn 18 are required to join the Army for a total of 4 years.

    I could keep going, but I’m sure you, the reader get the hint.  I love my freedom and am proud to have served to retain it for each and every United States Citizen. May the blessing of Liberty and Prosperity remain alive forever.

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