In all my years, I have never been as perturbed by a president as I have been in the past few months.  And today, I am so perturbed that I’m actually going to let my clients know why in efforts to clear the air.

“People that own businesses, they didn’t build that; someone else made that happen”

You see, unlike some people, I keep my records, and can date them back to 2002, records that show that I, Michael Wells built my company from scratch, without grants, without start-up capitol, without loans, without ANYTHING but myself, my computer (that I earned), a hosting account (that I earned), and a domain name (that I also earned) — oh and that Internet connection — I earned that too.

Today, my company has SEVERAL near super computers that we develop websites on (we’re talking 8 core systems with 3 graphics cards clocking in at about 4.2Ghz per core), we have licenses for each piece of software we have and we have HUNDREDS of hosting servers WORLD WIDE that serve both our websites and our client’s websites as main servers and cloud caches.

Mr President, how dare you feel the need to trivialize my accomplishments simply because you have NONE.