blankWe’ve been there: You are walking around town or at a business fair handing out business cards when someone asks, “Hey, whats your website’s URL?” or “Who’s your web designer or developer?”.

You don’t have an answer because you are thinking, “Well, should we have one?” and “We haven’t gotten one because it is difficult to do” but muster the courage to say, “We don’t have one yet” watching the potential customer walk off.

But in that moment there is a more dreaded feeling than looking a potential client walk away, the dread is more focused to, “This is going to be a time-consuming and difficult process”.

We are here to state for the record, your concerns are misguided! Not only can we make getting a website the most pleasant experience possible, but your website comes (without additional fees) out-of-the-box optimized for search engines (SEO), standards complaint, and easy to administer. We also only use open source technologies and build upon them so the site is yours to use as you wish without legal restrictions.

Open source is not only powerful software, it is the single-most massive movement to rewrite the licensing of software on a global scale by fundamentally changing the way we think about intellectual and public property.