Make no mistake, there are methods of web design that are ultimately out of date and we can’t stress enough that having a website that uses standards compliant code as well as an updated framework is a vital aspect to all businesses and online organizations.

Lets look at what we are saying here.

Organic Search Engine Results
You may not believe it, but your placing or rank in the search engines is largely based upon the method in which your website is designed, developed, and coded. There are several elements to a website for styling it, but what many developers and designers forget is that there are elements, very important elements for the content itself.

Search engines today are trained to look at the elements of the content and index and score your site based on what your site identifies as “important“. If you place too many of these elements, the search engines will think you’re trying to trick them and drop your site from their indexes and search results; and too few and you begin to loose the search results for vital key words that your site should be getting.

This is where standards compliance really comes in handy as it will prevent you from overloading these elements and ensures that every browser and search engine reads your website exactly the same way in its interpretation every single time. Every single customer that we have redesigned websites for has seen sharp increases in search engine results as an effect of this new style of designing a website.

Actually having a web design firm that can also develop the framework of your website’s dynamic driving factor is a huge bonus for any company or organization out there because these companies are generally able to bring the two pieces flawlessly together without having to learn a coding or design style of the other hand.

This becomes a large factor of any website singularly because the customization of the designs are best able to fit the customization of the code itself leaving no holes for hackers and exploiters to come in and wreck havoc on your site.

But there is another equally important aspect of a website: the framework’s ability to receive updates. If your framework has to have manual updates performed in order to patch security holes and vulnerabilities or even to add a few new features to keep up with the times, you’re wasting precious man-power — or the company you have hired is wasting this resource which means someone is flushing profits down the toilet! Our framework is able to constantly and securely update on a 24 hour schedule without interrupting your website and without any labor whatsoever. This is why we offer “FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE” and that is no joke!

Your Customers
But, you know what? All of this is hardly worth it if your customers detest your site! This is why when we design every single website, we bring together think-tanks and study groups to evaluate the designs we’re producing and if we get thumbs down, we go back to the drawing board without our clients ever knowing.

Quality assurance is a very important aspect for the products produced by any company in the marketplace and without it, you can’t possibly know what you’re getting. And that brings us to our final thoughts.

If you make the investment to get a website for your company or organization; it can’t break the bank. Quite simply put, if you’re overpaying for your website and you can’t possibly get a maximum ROI. We curve the stigma of “expensive hand-made websites” by offering the sites at a very fair price that to our surprise, generally under-cuts our competition by more than EIGHTY-THREE PERCENT (83%) every single time for not only an equal product, but a superior product!