The dental practice, Dr. Amy Watson DDS came to us from Wilson, North Carolina for a first-time online identity. We knew nothing about her practice or dental procedures. After countless of hours of research and studying dental practices and their website needs we compiled a list of helpful features at Dr Watson would need in order to both complement her business, and give her a great start in procuring new clients online.

One thing we knew Dr Watson needed was a way for her patients to interact with them online. We built her website knowing that her patients needed a method in which to stay in contact with the office and any future appointments they had. We created an appointment system that would allow for any patient or new patient to request an appointment which could be accepted or denied by an office administrator or clerk. And then we took it one step further: We allowed these patients to be able to securely login and see their appointment times, history, and involvement and interactions with the staff online.

We believe that this encouragement of online involvement could become a revolutionary concept for the field of general dentistry.

But what about growth? We wanted to keep it in mind that Dr Watson could at any time hire another dentist to help her out, so we created and tested an application that would allow her to add partners or other dentists to the site in which the patients could directly communicate with.

We didn’t want to stop there. We jumped one more hurdle by allowing each dentist to offer specialities and separate services from the other. Lets say this next dentist is also an orthodontist; we wanted to ensure that the patients would never confuse the two by specifying under each doctor’s profile what they are capable of and what services they specifically offer to their patients.

Dr Watson has not fully used the website yet, but she is already seeing more than 100 visitors per day to her site that are non-robotic which means she is slowly but surely informing the internet of her presence; and now she has a beautiful website to do it on!