We launched a new MLW And Associates, LLC site today at 6pm EST directly targeted at the market of free web hosting.  We went around the web studying other companies and how they handle their web hosting and were rather disappointed in the designs.  So we created this one, simple, easy, quick, big, and as catchy as they get!

Even though Goldsboro Networks got to take care of the technical end of things such as installing the servers, we can tell you this new site and service is feature packed with more than what we’re about to advertise:


  • 1,024 MB Disk Space
  • 5 GB @ 100Mbps Transfer/Bandwidth
  • PHP/CGI/SSI/Ruby/Python/Perl/Java
  • MySQL/PostGreSQL/SQLite/Oricale (not yet)
  • Unmetered Domain Names
  • Unmetered Email Accounts
  • Unmetered FTP Accounts
  • Unmetered Databases and Users
  • 10 Subversion Repositories
  • 10 Mailman Mailing Lists
  • NO ADS (Your ads are allowed)
  • Supports ALL LEGAL AND MORALE interests

(See it in action!)

So, if you’re an existing customer of Goldsboro Web Development, then you know MLW And Associates, LLC runs our company.  So I know you have questions and we aim to answer!

We wanted to open up to new markets.  And we knew by opening up to these markets and making their hosting experience as easy as someone whom pays premium prices, would not only draw in a crowd, but that crowd may be anxious to purchase designs, domains, and other products and services we sell and would be immediately compatible with their site.

What about me?  I’m paying money for this!?
If we are currently hosting your site, and it is absolutely necessary to keep that site online, you may want to keep it that way.  When there comes a global market of free users, there comes entrepreneurs of the criminal element that seizes the opportunity to setup their business on the servers and ultimately cause outages while we respond to the ISP to take their content offline.

Will this effect my hosting?
Yes – and – No!  Technically it will not phase it at all, at least right now.  Our new server farm for the free hosting (we’ve dubbed it, “The Free Farm”) is entirely separate from your servers.  In fact the only thing they will share with you is our billing system and the DNS servers.  These services would go unaffected regardless of use anyways. However, if our plans pan out and our investment becomes fruitful, you will notice a rather large quality improvement in both your services and support.  So the question to why, becomes: To better serve YOU.