We have scored quite the achievement on Google as of late.  The search terms Web Development yield our website now as the second organic search result under Wikipedia.  Officially, we have mastered the skill of Search Engine Optimizations (SEO).  To anyone whom wonders what this means or how it bares any significance to warrant an article about it, imagine your site showing up on the first result of Google when someone so much as searches the subject of your content.

Because of this achievement and ranking so high on web development, web design, and web design sites, we are undertaking a very large load of new quotes and requests, so we may be a little slow at getting a quote response back to you, but we promise, we will get you an accurate and duly thoughtful quote as soon as we possibly can.

We have even been contacted by a SEO company and a Web Hosting company whom asked, “Are you willing to sell your company” and our answer was a simple, “Nope!”

While the rush is on, we will also be scrambling to hire new blood for our staff, so you may hear some new voices or see some new names in chat, so be prepared! We all hope that this new flood of buyers remains beneficial for our current customers, ourselves, and them.