announceIn our monthly staff meeting today, our Managing Director, Michael Wells made one thing perfectly clear for our company’s future, “There will be no promotions for returning clients”.

Why? He answered, “because nearly every customer that leaves comes back regardless” adding that “our servers are superior are far more reliable than other comparable services and our production quality in design and development remains unmatched”.

Mr Wells went on to add that promotions are meant for growing the company, and said, “While we may never offer another promotion to an existing client, all promotions a client receives during the creation of their account, is a lifetime ordeal”. This went into answering the question to how to retain clients and why they should stay with our company.

Later in the meeting I asked Mr Wells what he thought would be the best step in showing the world that our services are the best and he replied with humor, “Letting the customer use trial and error” then added, “once they’ve seen first hand how our services compare to the competition, I have no doubts that they’ll not only return to us, they’ll also be willing to pay more” as he hinted that they do not need a promotion to return.

During the course of the later conversation we asked Mr Wells if he could name a client that this method was practically applied to and he responded, “Hundreds, but I won’t name names as this would be a privacy breech with the client, but I’ll give you a story from one: The client left us and tried a cheaper company. Within six months, the page rank of the site dropped 5 points, the site loaded every 5 minutes, and the overall productivity of the site dropped by 90%. After that first six months, the client found that they were paying more for that site after their promotions wore off and with the lack of sales. That client is back with us today.”

I then crisply asked Mr Wells what, if anything above the normal does Goldsboro Web Development offer that would constitute paying more for the same services obtained elsewhere.  He quickly snapped back, “Firstly, the services are just not the same, not even close.  The services are proven through the test of time to be more stable, faster, and more secure than any of the competition.  And as far as value-add, we have for the past five years given our customers the ability to contact myself or a senior member of our staff personally — not a single other company allows this.  Until only a few months ago, customers could directly get in contact with me, some still can if they can catch me in the office, and it was at that moment, when I realized that I was getting scarce for the customers that we implemented live-chat on our website so that any customer could contact a senior member of our staff in an instant. ”

This meeting today was the first of a new monthly status meeting where the Managing Director meets with our marketing staff in order to give updates to customers and re-direct our marketing department.  This meeting also spawned a fleet of writers already hired to create content (pages) for Goldsboro Web Development that have been re-tasked to blog and post news on a weekly basis to the website.

The final outcome of the meeting was positive, as the Financial Director, Kimberly, indicated.