We are excited to introduce a new product line-up: Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to better serve our clients whom have grown out of virtual hosting environments but not quite ready for a server of their own yet.  This new service starts as low as $19.95 per month (that’s less than 67¢ per day!) and includes a dedicated IP address as well as a 100Mbps network connection!

You select the operating system that best suits your needs, with a wide variety to choose from including most popular Linux Distributions!  Reload your operating system instantly, at no additional cost!

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What is a VPS you ask?  It is a very large server running “Virtual Machines” which are operating systems running simultaneously.  This means multiple customers (up to 16) will be using the server, but only you will have access to your virtual machine, and anything someone else does on the server will not negatively impact you as you are given a dedicated amount of ram and CPU cores as well as a SSD hard drive.  This means you have medium computing power and all the freedoms of a dedicated server, without the cost of a dedicated server.

Any service you get can be upgraded at any time by simply requesting an upgrade.  For the most part all we will need to do is allocate your account more resources, but on some occasions we may have to move your image to a new server if the resources are not available on that server.  This is a powerful new solution we hope our customers with both profit from and enjoy!