If you’re using super-captcha, then you already know about this, but if you’re not or you tried it before and found it buggy or not working entirely, you need to give it one more shot.

Our latest version is 2.4.8 – as of 2.4.3 we included Super CAPTCHA Pro as a subscription service for Super CAPTCHA in which your site is granted exclusive access to our SPAM Database where Super CAPTCHA will automatically check the database against any visitor attempting to login, register, or create a blog.

There are several complex algorithms we employ in order to collect, store, and determine which CAPTCHA failures from all SuperCAPTCHA installs are spammers and when they hit the sweet spots of these algorithms, they are then blocked on every SuperCAPTCHA Pro enabled site on the internet.

scaptcha-pro-modelThink about it: SuperCAPTCHA no longer relies on you to manually run through a log list and hit “spammer” on each failed CAPTCHA attempt to prevent human solves, now, they’re blocked intelligently without your intervention by other webmasters, our algorithms, and spam lists (including Forum Spam, Spamhaus, Honeypot) all over the internet compiled in one pot specifically for SuperCAPTCHA.

The model for the new Super CAPTCHA Pro system is one-of-a-kind, consisting of only one query and response per IP meaning less overhead for both your site and ours!

With the 2.4.3 update release for Super CAPTCHA we have transformed this into an impervious software suite that does the work for you!

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