Cloud hosting is a great service to offer and we have been offering this service and using it for the past two years.  However, our own website has grown out of simple cloud hosting and we are moving our site to a content delivery network that we have created and will maintain.  We believe this new CDN of 18 servers will only reach 2% capacity at our busiest times so we will also be offering this service to our clients whom use WordPress as well.

This service works in tandem with the cloud or as the cloud.  Right now our site is setup so that DNS requests are carried by a third party and they use proxy servers to deliver the content they have cached.  This adds a very nice layer of security and the guarantee that the site is always online, however it tends to be a little slower than a CDN.  We will be hosting our one website across a total of 18 servers that our company owns and operates.  This will ensure that our site is mainly online and that bandwidth is never a problem.

This change should likely not even be noticeable to most users, however the more technical users may notice that images load quicker or that images are stored on non-domain servers.  This is common and intended.  Our network will always appear like this:

This means that if it is our network, it will appear to come from CDN1-18.

If you have any questions about this service or would like to enquire about our future offerings of this service, please open a support ticket in the client area.