social_google_boxGoogle is at it again! Now, Google is now recognizing “structured” or “rich” data in your content mainly on websites selling products and services. We don’t want to give out all of the research we’ve done on this issue but there are some things that we believe our viewers should know about this.

SEO Improvements
This will grant no SEO ranking improvements so it seems so far. We have yet to experiment with this so we are speaking entirely out of theory.

SEO Click Improvements
This is where this feature will be hitting home-runs. This service targets the searcher on Google, for instance, by laying out correct HTML tags in the appropriate places, Google will see this data as a product and will display it differently in the search results including how many products you have available, the price, description, and title of the product.

Here is an example:

As you can see, Google will recognize your products and front them in the results sometimes directly bypassing other search results. We will be likely including this service in our line-up as an extra charge and outside the scope of our SEO services because of this code’s complexity and because it is very hard to get the markup right without error in the validators. We are still studying this change and are in “brace” mode to see where it goes. We will likely offer this to a few of our clients for a very nominal fee (labor only) to use as test subjects and we plan on posting up some cast studies based on these tests.