It’s the political talking point of the week — President Obama approves a FCC regulation that is billed to ensure impartiality of data-flow for all Americans.  If you believe that, I have some ocean-front property in Arizona with a golden-gate for sale.

Most Americans joke about it every day, such as “How do you know a politician is lying?  He’s moving his mouth”.

What unsettles me is just about everyone knows this yet they seem not care when new regulation is pushed to a regulator or bills are signed into law — as long as the government isn’t shut down from anything other than weather or the weekend, everything is green pastures. This is not the case, and the new FCC regulations have grave consequences for not just Americans but everyone world-wide.

Like most laws, the poison is sugar coated with candy and sold to us as “common sense reform” and it isn’t until most people have swallowed the candy that they realize, “uh oh, I’m screwed”.  This is exactly what happened with the new FCC regulation.

… to all for future taxation of online services …

Right on page 2, glaring the reader right in the face, we have this little jewel — future taxation and that is where the problem comes in.

We all know, no matter your party affiliation, that the IRS is not just used to tax, it is used as an instrument to pierce the veil of privacy when there should be no right of the government to otherwise do so.  The Affordable Healthcare Act was a great example of how our government effectively repealed the HIPPA medical protections for themselves allowing Uncle Sam to be your intermediary between you and your healthcare provider.   It sounds far fetched until you know a doctor or someone who works for a doctor and you hear about how they had to store all of their medical records in a new central medical database operated by the federal government.  Let me write that again as it bears repeating, your medical records are stored in a federal government database, ask any practitioner.

So what does this have to do about an internet service tax?  Everything; as in the federal government is getting their hands into anything and everything internet.  Your emails — taxed.  Your VoIP (Skype) — taxed.  Your web browsing — taxed.  Your chat — taxed.  Your video games — taxed. Now, you may be the type of person that really doesn’t mind all of these new taxes (I sure as heck do), but you have to ask, how will they know to collect this new tax from you?  Will they take you at your word?  Will they audit?  How will they audit?  Those are the magic questions.

Effectively, the only way they can audit your internet for tax purposes is to store all logged data of every site you have been to, every internet search you have made, every phone call you have made, every email you have sent, and every video game you have played to a searchable database that who knows what agency will have unrestricted access to.  I’ll be completely honest here — that is just too much.  For web providers like myself, well according to this new regulation, if a “tax collector” came to me and asked for my clients records, I would be legally compelled to surrender them.  Don’t worry, I’d take them to court before I just hand them over and then appeal it as far as this company could afford to appeal.

I know, some of you are likely thinking to yourselves, “Well, I don’t have anything to hide”.

Let me just stop you right there in that thought process before you harm yourself further.  Our penal codes, laws, and regulations strictly on what you cannot do can fill a high-schools gymnasium in print and would take most people THREE lifetimes to read every law.  The likely-hood that you haven’t broken one of these laws is about the same chance as a 24 karat gold truck falling into your house. Let me give you an example, in the State of North Carolina, it is ILLEGAL (a misdemeanor) to sing off-key in church on a Sunday and a FELONY to drive barefoot.  It is also illegal in the state of New York to walk down main-street with an ice-cream cone in your pocket.  And in Virginia it is illegal to give any barnyard animal (including small and young barn-yard animals) a bath in your bathtub.  It is not about what you have to hide, its about what they can find.

In summary, the FCC is poised not just guarantee you have equal bandwidth as your neighbors, but to dig into your private internet history and wallet like ticks at a blood bank.

What can we do?  Well, sadly it will take a new president to re-write these regulations or it will take a court to name the new regulation unconstitutional.  Being as the mandated health care under the AHCA was deemed by the Supreme Court as “constitutional” under the provision that it was a “tax”, I have no faith.  Obviously, in today’s society, any constitutional provision can be violated by our politicians so long as it is a tax — so long as these justices get their pay raises.  I would strongly urge our readers to contact their senators and encourage them to to regulate executive power as mandated by the US Constitution through balance of power.