In today’s technology age, not many people actually pick up that phone any more to actually call a company about a listing or a price — they pull up their browser, type in the area they’re looking for real estate in and they hit “go”. When society has become this dependent on the internet, you’re either going to be a winner or loser depending on how well you’re ranked on the search engines.

Your website is one of the most vital marketing tools that you could possibly invest in. And when you make the decision to invest into this tool, you need to keep some things in mind, like does your developer have experience with realtors? Can your developer successfully market your website nation wide through organic SEO? And will the navigation of the website be easy or clunky?

If you are not using organic SEO or your listing isn’t searchable from outside your area, your company is likely doomed without help. Most companies will offer some sort of SEO program for their clients, such as Adwords, or YP listings but these methods of SEO only go as far as your corporate wallet can carry you. This is why I bring up organic SEO again. You see, when you’re website is simply searchable without listings, you don’t have to continuously pay for your online advertising, your organic SEO does it for you! And if you’re listings aren’t visible and searchable, lets face it you’re just throwing away money on your website.

It is extremely important to ensure you have a web developer that is no only skilled in listing SEO techniques but organic techniques as well. Once your website establishes the reputation necessary to self-sufficiently drive traffic to itself, the listing SEO will no longer be necessary.

Make sure you choose your developers wisely and always ask for their portfolio of realtors!