We have released the next major version of Super CAPTCHA 3.0.0, a free AGPL licensed software package for wordpress sites to stop spam.

The aim of this major version wasn’t to just patch up the blog spam issue on the Internet, but to eliminate the problem.  This software comes with automated reporting methods to identify, lookup, and alert abuse administrators of spammy bots as they not only wear on our nerves, time, and bandwidth but they also use their provider’s bandwidth and generally cause the IP their providers own to become banned by several resources.

The backend of this software now uses cloud processing and storage by Google® to deliver to those who use this software a guarantee that they will not experience slow downs on our account.  By allowing websites to communicate identified bot activity back to our cloud, we allow each website to become smarter and more secure, even blocking bots before they get a chance to try and solve the CAPTCHA.

This software was rebuilt from the ground up offering superior compatibility with the latest PHP and MySQLi as well as ensuring that this system is compatible on nearly every sever that can run PHP.

This software also now offers site administrators a generous amount of control and tools in finding the spammers on their sites and getting rid of them without having it take all day. These tools are built right into the plugin to be as minimally invasive as possible — in fact you won’t know they’re there until you need them.

That’s the wrap-up for this release.  We hope you enjoy using Super CAPTCHA as much as we enjoyed developing it!

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