Hello again all!  Firstly, I do apologize for my absence.  Over the past few months we have been all hands on deck developing websites and have had little time to keep up with our blog here #naughty and the weather couldn’t have proven to be more uncooperative.  Since November, we have seen snow, ice, more snow, sick staff, and just a flurry of incidences and influx in new customers that has left us really fighting to stay ahead.

Well, we are finally catching up!  I have also updated our portfolio to display some of the awesome new websites we have been building as well as changed a few pages around to make sure that our portfolio accents most of our most visited pages.

I do have a story to share at the permission of a new client as a request I’ll not use his name.  In the last few months we picked up a lot of clients.  From what I can gather a popular web designer locally has gone out of business and their customers have been exploring other solutions.  Two of our new clients came to us from iPage and one had one crazy story to share.

“They offered a free design that was mine they said”, this client explained, “Until I told them I wanted to go elsewhere and didn’t like the site.”

Upon talking with this client she explained very clearly that this company made their TOS rather ‘clear’, “He said, ‘if you want to go elsewhere that is fine with us, but you cannot use anything on your site as stated in our terms of service'”, and finished, “as if the content I uploaded was going to be somehow stolen from them”.

After explaining to this client their TOS and how it robs the customer of their rights to that content, knowing the customer didn’t want to hear this, she stated, “I’m glad I found you guys and can set things straight with me”.

Our customers find out very fast that it is our director’s motto that no matter how harsh it is, you always remain honest with the customer and provide full disclosure to the extent of not jeopardizing the company’s IP.

I can only summarize this with a statement that this is likely the only company I have ever had the pleasure of working for that held values to such a high extent and I can truly see this have positive effects not just to our customers and other staff members, but to the company as a whole.  I believe this world would be a lot better off if other organizations would follow the examples Mr Wells sets in this company.