As a company, we are our worst critics and any customer unhappy with our service is more important to us, than a customer happy with our service.  Looking back on 2014, we have seen a very common misunderstanding with our level of service or more importantly, our role in a customer’s website.

Our company is equipped to handle many online tasks, from hosting, to development, to SEO, to referring legal representation for online matters, but over the years we understood that many of our customers wants control over their own website and they don’t want to have to pay micro-transactions to their developer to simply change a phone number.  This inspired our company to utilize a CMS (content management system) so that all of our customers can update their sites at their leisure completely free of charge without any worry of defacing their website.

Content is a very important subject these days, where Google and other search engines will actually give you top bids in their rankings for having quality, unique content on your site.

We want to ensure you are informed: We can offer our customers content writing and are happy to do this, however, no one knows your business better than you do which is why we believe that by allowing you to write your own content, we are granting you the best chance at a successful online presence.

Just three months ago, we lost a client because they didn’t believe we did enough work on their site, not because it was incomplete, visually or technically, but because we, as a web development company do not know the inter-workings of a law firm and not qualified to write content for such a firm.  Many customers understand this logic, but there are some that misunderstand or believe that their web firms will simply give them everything they need online — we will, except content.

We believe for our customer’s success, that content should remain our customer’s responsibility.  Again, we’re more than happy to offer content writing services, simply because we understand that there may be some confusion to what our ‘role’ is, but we do highly discourage it and will be very verbose with our customers about that fact.