We have updated our privacy policy to better reflect how we handle your information. Most websites aren’t entirely forthcoming about how all the 3rd parties that have access to your information or how they CAN access that information.

For instance, very few websites tell you that A_HOSTING_PROVIDER provides their service, and therefor has unadulterated access to the same information they do. We’ve made this clearer. While we provide our own hosting, we do use other services that helps protect our networks from intrusion and attack.

Firstly, by updating our third party disclosure section to specify that we use use both WordPress and CloudFlare to filter certain things on our website, we even went the extra step to also include that CloudFlare and WordPress has more access to things than other services and companies, such as Google.

We also explain exactly what they have access to and we link directly to their privacy policies. We also now let you know what you can opt out of and how. We believe that by giving you more information you can make better informed choices on how to best secure your private data.

We are proud to continue to serve all of our customers with the same high standards for privacy that each one of you knows us for. We hope the better transparency helps you better understand who has access to your data and how they use it.

We vet all of our vendors before utilizing their services. WordPress and CloudFlare are very trustworthy companies that many other large companies use to include the New York Times, The Wallstreet Journal, and ABC News.

As you all also know, we’re always ahead of the curve. The last time it was made law that Privacy Policies disclose certain things regarding disclosure to 3rd parties, Goldsboro Web Development had already done this years beforehand and required no policy update. Simply put, we had already done the right thing that the law was just catching up to.

However, after our security round-up we did identify that our privacy policy wasn’t clear in how we used certain services that, frankly, everyone else uses. Maybe the internet simply forgets and places these services out of sight and out of mind, but it was an issue we thought you would want to know more about.

While our Privacy Policy and the law, prior to our update, allowed for us to use these services under the provision of security and trust, we did realize that there were no specifics and thought you had a right to know. Who knows, maybe in a year or two there will be a new law that requires companies to do this?

If you have any questions about this new policy change, do not hesitate to contact us.