As the year is coming to a close, many dealerships are starting to clear the lots with 2019 models and are bringing in the new 2020 models.   As dealerships do this, they find that their web design and development bills seem to almost soar and skyrocket because of the intense labor and rates of labor that is on their web developers.   This is why we give our clients the option and the right to change and update their own content in a non-invasive way that won’t break their websites.

From our experience with other dealerships and doing business with them, they can spend over $50,000 in just a day for marketing and a significant portion of that can be on a website.  That’s why we’re changing the game at Goldsboro Web Development to allow your sales agents to control the language and literature on a dealership’s website.

That means that each dealership can have its own sales representatives update their website with total confidence and with tools that we’ve placed on the website to help you easily understand the SEO of your posts and products!   If you’re paying a monthly subscription, stop and call us immediately!