We’re constantly trying to improve our services and serve our customers more efficiently. The addition to the new customer service control panel introduced this past Monday marks a new evolution in our service and interaction with our customers and because it is our system, we know it’s ins and outs. One of the features we’ve added and just deployed today is a new customer service email address that is piped to this system.

But here is the kicker, we’re going to post this email address publically where all the spam bots can see it:


Why? Because this is a priority email address that only registers in our system if you are an existing customer. That means our agents no longer have to wade through 300 pieces of spam to get to one legitimate email. But there are a few things you should be aware of.

First of all, if you’re emailing us from an email address that is not currently under your profile, we will NEVER get the email. In fact, you will get a reply saying that the ticket couldn’t be created because the sender’s email does not exist in our database. This means you need to either send the email from the account we have on file or you need to add that email address in your control panel.

This will greatly speed up the rate in which we can answer and reply to your emails and support tickets and ensures that nothing ever falls to the bottom of the queue again. That means if you send the email from the account on record, we’ll see your email right off – in fact, any staff members who are responsible for support will see it instantly – on our phones, our laptops, our desktops, no matter where we are in the world. We simply couldn’t do this with the old system because we would have been spammed with about 30 emails per minute (pure spam) and the problem is, you can’t really filter those emails because a support ticket can and usually does present as spam with links and attachments.

We’re still very excited about this new software and the very many ways we can leverage it to better serve you!