As some of our customers know, I, Michael Lee Wells, the controlling owner of MLW & Associates, LLC, the owning company of the brand, “Goldsboro Web Development” is involved in the patriot movement.  I am a militia leader of the organization called “Guardians of Liberty”.  Mostly, we don’t wear uniforms or identifying markers, we’re just there after natural disasters handing out water and other supplies to those that need it.  We help out in soup kitchens and even volunteer to clean up roadways in North Carolina.

More importantly, the Guardians of Liberty is a God fearing organization.  Our principals are set on Biblical principals and we put God first always and foremost.   When the January 6th, Capitol “Mostly Peaceful Protest” (hey, I just call it as I see it) occurred, we did watched with a certain level of disdain even after declining an invite to attend.

Earlier this week, I got a subpoena from the US House of Representatives Select Committee to produce documents from our server and to testify before congress on my organizations involvement in the January 6th ordeal.

2022-03-23-Subpoena-Signed-Final-Wells, Michael Lee

To say that I’m angry is a gross understatement.  As a US Army Veteran I would have never imagined when willingly signing that dotted line to serve the freest nation on Earth that a day would come to pass that a branch of government would weaponize itself against peaceful political ideologies it finds disagreeable.  I know this is the case because I have vindicating evidence from Google Maps history proving beyond any doubt I was here, in North  Carolina (and at Church for Wednesday night Bible Study) while the subpoena suggests I was inside the capitol building.

Google Maps History For Michael Lee Wells
Dates are Important.  This is a Google Maps history for Mr Wells’s activity on January 6, 2021 during the Capitol Riots that took place in Washington, DC.

It takes a little while to digest what I just said, but let me give you a summary of what is happening.

Congress doesn’t like militias.  Militias are the only organizations left in this nation that not only has the ability but the will to depose congress should they step over the line, a line which limits their power, which they are now doing by coming after individuals like myself for simply exercising a right defined in the same document which governs them and limits their power – a document they can easily shred to pieces the moment we have been disarmed:  Ask Australia or the UK.  This is why our Second Amendment rights are constantly under threat.  Come on, you have to at least feel it in your gut: Congress doesn’t care about the lives of children who were murdered by deranged individuals with a firearm.  Congress has done a better job at facilitating the mass murder of children than any deranged individual with a gun has by funding Planned Parenthood with billions of dollars from OUR tax dollars.

The reason I’m letting you know this is because I want you to understand the devout commitment I and this company has to protecting your privacy and data that it literally requires a literal act of congress to compel me to surrender it and even then, I invite you to watch the deposition hearing to see how hard I will fight to keep your data private, including the threat of jail time for being in contempt of Congress because they do NOT have the right to password data without a judge determining that their accusatory evidence is sufficient to pierce the veil of privacy set forth by the 4th Amendment.

So, if you’ve had any doubts to how safe your data is with Goldsboro Web Development or Goldsboro Networks, consider that our networks are so secure that Congress had to ask permission.