NEW TLDS: A Bust Already?

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After a high profile SEO company tried selling preorders to the New TLDs that we covered last week saying,

Will a new TLD web address automatically be favoured by Google over a .com equivalent? Quite simply, yes it will. citation

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s “Search Spam” responded,

Sorry, but that’s just not true, and as an engineer in the search quality team at Google, I feel the need to debunk this misconception.  citation

What does this mean?  The new TLDs will still be awesome, but if you were planning on grabbing your new TLD for SEO purposes, well — we hope you haven’t wasted your money yet with a company that is allowing pre-orders on something not yet set in stone.

We are still closely following the news pouring in about these new TLDs so we are able to provide our customers with the most informed solutions possible.

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