Position title
Sales & Marketing Manager

Goldsboro Web Development is a vetern-owned and veteran-run digital marketing firm located in Princeton, North Carolina - 10 minutes from Goldsboro AND Smithfield.  We are one of the top digital marketing firms in North Carolina with our new customers being primary word-of-mouth leads.  We need an individual to follow-up on leads (usually VERY hot) that our website generates passively and to get your own leads during slow times through professional contacts and business networking.    This position is commission-only to start.  After 90 days, if the hiree is able to prove a sales record, we will add a salary drawn from commission as well with other bennifits such as 50/50 help with medical insurance and 50/50 help with a 401K.

We maintain a zero-drama relaxed atmosphere for our workplace.  But due to long and negative past experiences with sales persons, we require a commission-only probationary period of 90 days and this is non-negotiable.

As a manager, you will be able to request more or less sales team members, at which point the Managing Director will bring in applicants for you to interview.   Once a hire is made, the hiree for this position will draw a salary for management in addition to any commission you make.

  • Be present at the office during normal business hours
  • Follow-up on leads, sales, quotes, and estimates
  • Generate new leads, quotes, and estimates
  • Keep work-area clean and tidy
  • Remain in uniform and within dress-code while in the office or meeting with customers or potential customers
  • Keep a professional appearance
  • Associates Degree (or better) in marketing or visual arts OR 4 years of sales experience
  • Highschool Diploma OR GED
  • Novice knowledge of websites required
  • Intermediate knowledge of computers required (MS Word, MS Excel, Printing, etc)
  • Intermediate knowledge of office management required
  • Reliable Transportation and Driver's License
  • Must maintain a professional appearance
Job Benefits
  • Great latitude is given to this possition with the freedom to work how you want using the methods you know to work best for you
  • Holiday meals are commonplace at this company
  • Employee outtings are also commonplace at this company
  • 401K after 90 days (50/50)
  • Medical Insurance after 90 days (50/50)
  • Our offices are opened a shelters for family (aka employees) and pets (who are also family) during natural disasters
  • 2nd Amendment workplace - if you're afraid of firearms, this is not the workplace for you, but if you feel comfortable carrying a firearm, this is most certainly the workplace for you - the owner (a US Army Combat Veteran) provides fireams training to employees who ask for it.

For more information Call Mike at 919.648.1333 at extension 1001.

Employment Type
Full-time, Contractor, Commission
Duration of employment
Digital Marketing
Job Location
113 W Edwards St, Princeton, NC, 27569, USA
Working Hours
9am - 6pm Monday - Friday
Base Salary
$40000-$120000 Per year
Date posted
March 31, 2021
Valid through
April 30, 2021
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Offer ended on April 30, 2021

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