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[h2] Job Description [/h2]
As a PHP Developer this title is responsible for timely completing tasks given by the project manager in order to deliver as a finished product to our clients. The title holder may be responsible for alpha and beta testing his/her own code development. The holder of this title must be proficient in PHP, MySQL, HTML, XHTML, CSS, and XHTML validation standards as well as having working knowledge and experience with WordPress and WordPress plugins.

[h2] Supervisor’s Notes [/h2]
You will be expected to work largely from home and your hours are kept by signing into our system and clocking in and out as you start to work on an item. Work must be shown at the end of “clocking out” by uploading all source files to the system. We give our employees an incredible amount of freedom and privacy, and trust must be maintained at all times during employment duration.
[h2] Online Application Form [/h2]

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[h3] Additional Details [/h3]
Start: $18.75/hr
Term: Part Time – Indefinite
Positions Open: 2
[h3] Requirements [/h3]
Meet deadlines
Must know CSS
Must know Zend
Must know IonCube
Telecommuting Ok
Troubleshoot own or foreign code

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