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+1 919 648 1333 info@myGWD.com Goldsboro, NC M-F 8am-8pm

[h2] Job Description [/h2]
We are looking for a dynamic, knowledgeable sales consultant for our growing Web Development Group by generating and managing opportunities for our services.

[h2] What To Expect [/h2]
We are looking for sales agents that are proficient in their fields that can work individually to generate revenue to compensate for their own salaries and to keep our developers busy. We promote from within; which means when you are hired, you have already secured a leadership position within the company and through time in the company, you will have a high probability of becoming upper level management or even an executive in the near future.


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[h3] Additional Details [/h3]
Start: 8% Commission – 1099
Term: Full Time – Indefinite
Positions Open: 6

[h3] Requirements [/h3]


[h3] Skills [/h3]


[h3] Alternate Application [/h3]
You can apply by filling out the form to the left or faxing your resume and cover letter to (919) 288-2555 or sending it to:

MLW & Assocaites, LLC
ATTN: Personnel REF: Career# 118015
113 Buttonwood Rd.
Goldsboro, NC 27530


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