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Time To Modernize

Today, almost everyone has a smart phone with data capabilities and with less than 10MB per day in data, your company can finally ditch your IVR provider.

Unplug Your Employees

Using a wireless smartphone or tablet allows your employees to be more productive by being able to multitask again.

Your Bottom Line

Allowing your employees to directly key numbers at their own pace with instant visual confirmation saves hours of time per week on your payroll.


When you're ready, so are we, simply get in contact with us and we'll schedule a time and day to come out and to talk and learn about your business so that we can custom tailor this solution for your company.

MAC or IP Based Access Control Methods

Keeping your competitors out of your data is our priority. Using MAC and IP access control over user authentication or two-factor authentication ensures a data breach is even less likely than on old IVR systems.

Custom Interfaces Tailored to Your Company

Every deployment is custom tailored to your company. Not only is the interface customized to fit your needs, the reports and aggregated data that you need are form-fit specifically to your requests.

Be the FIRST to Know!

Our system will scour the data that is sent to us, giving you instant feedback via text message or email when we identify a problem from a data set that is above or below tolerances.

Scheduled Reports run Autonomously

You can schedule with us when to compile and receive your reports and we guarantee that report will be delivered electronically within ten minutes of your scheduled run.



Hours Saved

Calling in 2 reports per day over IVR, one hour each saves precious hours every year.

Farms Served

Currently, with over 3 clients, we serve many farms across North Carolina

Pigs Saved

Early warning detection of problems protects your livestock.

Happy Employees

No one likes to fumble with a telephone.