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Completely re-written from the ground up, now using API’s from the MyGWD spam DB Service. You’ve been there, you have installed 20 or more CAPTCHA plugins for WordPress to see them ultimately fail in even slowing down spam bots. We know, we have been there too. This plugin solves ALL of it. You see, this software is as simple as it gets. While everyone is trying to complicate their CAPTCHAs with images, flash puzzles, and coloring it like a 2 year old with eight-inch markers, we decided to make an image provoke deduction skills. You see, a computer has no ability to reason, therefore it cannot use any power of deduction. What this means is, if we lay lines over an invisible word, you can see whats missing to near-instantly know what the word is. But a computer that follows “edges” to find patterns, figuring out this CAPTCHA becomes an impossibility.



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x What Happened to SuperCAPTCHA on decided that it does not appreciate people whom create free software and started making demands of free plugin authors which we decided not to comply with. Full Story ยป

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