Well, hi there! Our website employs the use of cookies to improve your experience. If you're ok with that, then keep browsing!
Well, hi there! Our website employs the use of cookies to improve your experience. If you're ok with that, then keep browsing!
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This is a legally binding agreement between you, "the customer", and Goldsboro Web Development, "the shop" that will cover all transactions made from the Goldsboro Web Development website, "the website", for physical products that require shipment.  This document does not cover and is not inclusive of services sold on the website.

Your Consent

Your use and purchase of the GWD Store will constitute consent to this terms and conditions, the terms of service, the billing agreement, and the online privacy policy. This document does not nullify or supersede any other documents on this website.

US Trade Compliance

We do not ship to countries that are under US Trade Sanctions and we do not ship technology products that violate US Export Laws.  If you are in a country that has any restrictions to US Export Laws or is under US Trade Sanctions, the shopping cart may be disabled for your use.  Any attempts to subvert this by use of a proxy or shipping proxy is strictly prohibited by law and is the responsibility of the customer to comply with the law.

Shipping & Returns

All returns are subject to our returns policy.

Shipping and rates are carrier based and they may change their rates during the time you make your purchase.  In the event of a price discrepancy, the customer is responsible for carrying the responsibility of covering the current shipping charge, whether higher or lower than the quoted price.

Goldsboro Web Development is not responsible for damage during shipping.  If your chosen carrier provides insurance, we advise the purchase of insurance before checking out.

Price & Listings

Some prices on our website may not be accurate while on backorder.  Prices that change while on backorder are only guaranteed within a 5% margin.  Any backorder item that exceeds a 5% margin will be canceled or removed from the order and you will be refunded for the line-item.

In-stock prices are guaranteed except in circumstances where the data entry on the website is an obvious mistake.  For instance, seeing a brand new gaming computer for considerably less than market value without a promotion or sale is an obvious mistake and we reserve the right to cancel orders that were made on products with erroneous pricing.

Some data on our website may not be accurate.  We list these items as humans, not robots, and typos, errors, and mistakes may occur.  In the event they do, you may not hold us liable, to the maximum extent of the law, to reasonable human errors.


We provide warranty services for most products where it is labeled as having a warranty.  All warranties are subject to our warranty policy and may be voided if the product is abused or damaged.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a "30-Day Money-Back Guarantee" on all products sold in the shop.  We will give full refunds and pay return shipping if you are unsatisfied for any reason with your purchase or the way in which you made your purchase without question for a period not to exceed thirty days.

This provision becomes void in the following events (but not limited to these events):

  1. Your item is damaged through shipping or after shipping
  2. We find signs of abuse of the product or extensive wear
  3. The warranty seals are missing, broken, or removed
  4. Your product is software
  5. Included items are missing or not in the original packaging or box

In the event you ship a product back to us that fails to meet the requirements of this provision, you will be notified and you must pay all shipping fees for the product before it can be returned to you.