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Warranty Disambuigation

Warranties on this website may list different types or degrees of warranties.  Where listed, that warranty will supersede listed terms and durations in this document unless this document specifically states that it supersedes all manufacturer or listed warranties (example: No Warranty clauses on a product description means this document will have no application to that product).


Warranty Termination & Invalidation

Goldsboro Web Development does not directly terminate or void warranties unless it is a product we manufacture, such as a computer system.  In the condition that a manufacturer terminates your warranty, we are forced to do the same and return your product in its current condition.

There are a few things that will void and terminate your warranty:

  • Your warranty falls outside of the warranty duration
  • You tampered with the product in such a way warranty seals were broken or manipulated
  • The defect was caused by damage and not manufacturer assembly

In the condition that your product's warranty is voided, the product will be returned to you in the same condition that it arrived.  You will be responsible for return shipping.

Limited Warranties

Limited Warranties are generally limited by time or condition.  This section is intended to help you understand these warranties and how they are applied to each product.

Hard Drives
Computer Solid State Drives generally carry a limited two-year warranty.  However, they are also limited by writes.  Because these devices "wear and tear" based on how much you write to them, they generally only allow for so many writes before the warranty expires before the two year warranty period. Under normal usage, these drives should last well over five years.

Desktop monitors have backlights that wear and tear based on how much the backlight is used.  While most monitors carry a two-year warranty, keeping your monitor on all day and night may reduce the warranty by up to 8 months.


Lifetime Warranties

Most lifetime warranties are not infinite and they are not 'no questions asked' warranties either.  It is important you understand this.  A lifetime warranty simply means that the manufacturer has no expiration on the time required to discover a manufacturer defect.

Parts & Labor Warranties

These warranties only apply to Goldsboro Web Development manufactured products ONLY.  This warranty guarantees that the assembly of a new product is free of defective workmanship and that the products are free of manufacturer defect.  The Goldsboro Web Development Parts and Labor Warranty may not last any longer than a period of FIVE YEARS.  This warranty is non-transferable and has no cash value.

The parts are warrantied by the manufacturer, generally at least two years.  The parts provision of this warranty does not invoke the labor provision.  These are separate warranties that must be applied separately to each RMA.  A defective part may incur additional labor charges to replace.

This provision guarantees your product to be free of defective workmanship.  This provision does not invoke the parts provision.  However, damage incurred to the parts by defective workmanship will remain the responsibility of Goldsboro Web Development to replace.