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Professional and Premium Email

I want a private email account that I know is secure, easy to use, like GMail, that has the features and office suites that Gmail has
- Dave J.

Why? I have Email!

This is different, very different. Imagine bringing the full scalability of commercial, dedicated, email providers into your hosting plan. This is not email run on the same server the rest of your website is run from, this is run across a network of servers to ensure you get every piece of mail -- well, except for that pesky spam.

This email comes separate from any hosting service and is served from an entirely separate network of servers. Don't worry about that part, because we'll handle all the technical stuff!

This isn't just self-service email like you get with standard hosting plans or with other email providers, we manually setup your email accounts and monitor and manage it 24/7.

Your customers deserve privacy.

Double Money-back Guarantee

We guarantee your email clients will be able to communicate with our servers 99.9% of the year, except for times that we have scheduled downtime. However, because our servers are acting in redundancy, we can also guarantee that you will never miss an email through fault of our network or servers and we're confident enough, that we'll refund your payment DOUBLE if we find you missed a single email through fault of our network or servers.

This is a guarantee you will not find anywhere else in the industry.


  • Email Client - All features that come with regular email, comes with this too, POP3, IMAP, SMTP.
  • WebMail - A feature worthy of its own page, a drag-and-drop interface, calendar, address book, and task manager.
  • Reduced Spam - We use advanced filtering technologies to ensure we catch as much spam as possible.
  • Reduced Viruses - We scan for known viruses so you can communicate with confidence and piece-of-mind.
  • Real Support - A real human manages your account 24/7 and is available to answer your tickets or take your call.

Our quote process is easy and secure.

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