Please bear with us while we mitigate a DDOS attack against our servers.

We will keep you posted here as the situation progresses or digresses.


UPDATE (7/18.2017 @ 8:29pm EST): Between Goldsboro Web Development and AIT, we have been able to get the FBI involved on the grounds of "Cyber Terrorism" which is invoking the Patriot Act. We wanted to give everyone a heads up because this now means that searches and siezures of our data no longer requires a warrant under the law as prescribed in the Patriot Act. We are aware that the Patriot Act is currently being executed on this case.

UPDATE (7/18.2017 @ 9:22pm EST): We have been assigned a local liason to the FBI Cyber Taskforce, Lieutenant Florez of the Wayne County Sheriff's Department. He has been in contact with the Managing Director and we have been asked that if you have recieved any suspicious emails concerning the company Goldsboro Web Development or the Managing Director, Michael Wells, to call (919) 731-1481 and ask to speak to Lietuenant Florez.