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Starting Smart, Ending Smart

We use WordPress as our open source GPL framework. Nearly 100% of our work is now exclusively on the WordPress framework. Not only does this give us a great foundation to begin work on your website, it means that if for any reason you are dissatisfied, there are many other developers you can hire to carry on our work.

Unlimited Pages!

Yes, you just saw that correctly, we said "unlimited". When we design a website, you're free to create as many pages as you like that will fit within your style and you'll have a visual editor to help you along the way. You can make your own website as large or small as you like, heck, publish a book or just create a business card.

Beloved Support

Our customers love our support. Our tickets are answered 24/7, and our phone lines are open 8am - 8pm Monday thru Friday. When we say we're "finished" with a website, we actually fib a little. While your website is in a production state, and you have access, we constantly update and tweak your site for years to come.

Critically Acclaimed

Did you know that Goldsboro Web Development has been internationally recognized by major universities for providing some of the most secure open source software to the world? It is true! The University of Wolong in Austrailia even cited our Super Captcha Suite as the most secure 3D-CAPTCHA. In over 18 different tests, all competitor CAPTCHA's scored significantly lower.

Your Project; Your Call!

You are granted access to our project management system to create tasks, delete tasks, upload files, and communicate directly with our designers, coders, artists, and SEO specialists. We don't leave you in the dark like other companies. YOU are an integral part of our development process and success!

Quality Takes Time

We know you want your new website as fast as you can get it - or do you? We don't cut corners, and that requires time. Building the perfect website isn't slapping a few images and a logo on a web page - it is a scientific art form of finding what both our client and their clients will be happy with.

Search Engine Optimization

We take special care for SEO in every web development project. Pay attention to other designer's plans carefully, they usually charge much more for SEO and they do this because they have to outsource another company to retroactively convert their designs into something that is optimized for search engines. We optimize while we build because all of our designers and coders have over 100 years in combined SEO experience!

Above the Belt

You see a web design company, and they lure you in with "$150.00 monthly". And you take the bait without first reading their Terms of Service which says that website doesn't belong to you, you are simply "leasing" it. We'll never do this, after your initial web design bill, our hosting fees are competitive with all other hosting providers with plans as low as $1.95 monthly and you can move at any time, no harm, no foul.

"I am totally happy with the results and the site looks great. The support has been fantastic too post-build."

Desmond K. (Spain, Realtor)

Our quote process is easy and secure.


$ 459
1 Concepts
2 Revisions
6 hour Budget
No Hosting Included
No Secure Site
No gwdStore ™
No SSL Certificate


$ 899
INCLUDED Logo Design
2 Concepts
3 Revisions
14 hour Budget
1 year Hosting Included
NO Secure Site
No gwdStore ™
No SSL Certificate


$ 3,499
INCLUDED Logo Design
5 Concepts
4 Revisions
60 hour Budget
1 year Hosting Included
YES Secure Site
NO gwdStore ™
1 year SSL Certificate


$ 4,299
INCLUDED Logo Design
5 Concepts
10 Revisions
60 hour Budget
1 year Hosting Included
YES Secure Site
YES gwdStore ™
1 year SSL Certificate

Our quote process is easy and secure.

The Work Load

WordPress Web Design

35 %

WordPress Plugins

44 %

Other Design Works

12 %

Other Development Works

9 %

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Our quote process is easy and secure.