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Security, Simplicity, Reliability...

Secure eCommerce

We use the latest PCI standards and encryption cyphers for eCommerce to ensure that your customer's sensitive data isn't leaked or intercepted.

Simple eCommerce

Our goal is to make managing your shop and buying as easy and simple as possible while employing measures to keep you, and your buyer safe.

A Reliable Framework

We use WordPress for eCommerce which means you can rest assured that it will be constantly updated, patched, and supported in the future.

Our quote process is easy and secure.


Flexibility & Scaleability

Our shopping carts make use of a plugin hook that allows us to easily add more features without having to completely "re-do" all the work we put into your website. That means as you grow we can add to your site, but if you don't need the features, there is no bloat required and they can be easily removed to allow your website to leverage resources that it specifically needs to serve your customers.

eCommerce Merchant Providers

We offer compatibility with ALL major merchant providers.  In fact, the list is simply too large to display here, but the chances are, we do support your merchant provider or we can with little work and effort.  The need for the complexity and coordination of several companies to come together in order to launch your eCommerce website just became a footnote of history.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is built into every project, no matter how small or large. We also use Rich Content Tags so Google and other search engines will know your website is a shop and will even display things like pricing data, options, and even customer reviews and ratings with your product's search result!

TRY IT! Google: Goldsboro Regent


Amazing Support

We go above and beyond just a standard support plan. We're constantly monitoring your website for threats and intrusions and we're constantly updating your website to patch out security holes and vulnerabilities. But if all else fails, we're here from 8am until 8pm, Monday through Friday to take your call or 24/7 over email or our ticket system.

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Our quote process is easy and secure.

We get it! eCommerce is not some one-size-fits-all thing!  So, if what you see is too steep for your budget or not enough for your project, fill out our easy-to-use quote form and we'll get a custom-tailored project and price ready for you!


  • 2CheckOut Intergration
  • PayPal Intergration
  • Standard Products
  • Services
  • Virtual Products
  • Inventory Management
  • Invoicing
  • Built-In CRM
  • Automated Shipping
  • Fulfillment Management
  • Up & Cross Sales
  • Easy to Manage


$ 4,299
One-Time Payment
Storefront INCLUDED
Easy Support INCLUDED
Store Reports INCLUDED
Product Reviews INCLUDED
70 Design Hours
20 Stock Photos
2 Months Complete Care

What You Need

Having a complete website requires two components, a place to host your website which costs energy, bandwidth, and use of the hardware, and you need people to build the website.   You will need both a Hosting Plan and a Design Package.  Be sure you do not forget after you customize your Design Package that you also go back and select a hosting plan!