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No, sorry.  We only provide data connectivity to servers and server hardware.

Yes, we can! Fill out our quote form.  We also have secure remote monitoring tools so we can monitor your entire network and its performance and instructions from our own office.

Yes, we can!  There is a long process of verifying you are the owner of your domain name, but so long as you have purchase records as well as proof of ownership of your company (and your domain matches) we can recover your domain under most circumstances.

Yes, we can!  We will first attempt to trademark your company name.  Once we do we will aggressively go after the SEO thieves for trademark violations.

No, sorry we do not.  We only support Linux operating systems.  if you are sending us a server to place on our network, we will ensure the server has connectivity but everything else, well — you’re on your own.


Not on our shared servers.  We do not ever specify “unlimited” anything, we specify “unmetered”.  This means we do not monitor or limit normal websites.   A 20TB website is not normal — either you’ve got a huge online store, a media sharing website, because most “normal” websites only require upwards of 5GB of storage.  We will however host you on a VPS or Dedicated Server and manage the server for you (that is your option).

Our network speed is 160Gbps.  Each server can usually only handle about 1Gbps of traffic if they have one network interface.  Most servers have two or even ten network interfaces so they can get considerably more bandwidth.  Under most circumstances, your server should never need more than a 1Gbps connection.

We use Level3 & AT&T networks in Florida.  We use TWC in North Carolina, and Level3 & Charter in California.

Fill out our quote request form with your budget and we’ll let you know.  Just a spoiler alert, if you are talking less than $100.00, then the answer is no — that is only about 3 hours of labor and that’s not enough time to even customize an existing theme.

Yes! We have contractors on stand-by.  If the need arises and we have to dedicate thousands of hours to your project, we’ll pull them in to help or even hire out temps and interns.  We’ve had to do this a few times in the past.

Goldsboro is a small city surrounding Seymore Johnson Airforce Base in Wayne County, North Carolina.   Goldsboro is known to be the home of Pepsi-Cola company as well as Case Farms (that’s where KFC gets their chicken) and is right next to Mt Olive, the home of the Mt Olive Pickle company.

Goldsboro is an industrious little city with paper mills, and high-tech manufacturing in industrial transformers (for power companies), gaskets for automobiles, and car parts for AC Delco.

Yes! We have products in the shop which can be customized.  If you would desire anything outside of the customizer, you would need to call us, but we cannot guarantee all parts will fit — you will be responsible for this.


We started as a sole proprietorship of Michael Wells, of Goldsboro.  Then incorporated to a Limited Liability Company in 2009 in which the first action was to establish the LLC DBA, Goldsboro Web Development.  Officially, the company was established in 2009, but we have been a company operating under Michael Wells since 2005.

Our company has two managers, Michael Wells, the registered agent and Managing Director, and Kimberly Wells, the Financial Director.

As of this moment, no.  We may be looking to hire an Operations Director and Marketing Director in the future, but for the moment, they would have to work strictly on a profit share from the company which can be erratic.  Some months there is a great payout but others there is none.

Short answer, Yes! Our company grows at about 18% per fiscal year, and the standard evaluation process for a new developer is about 4 months.  So the Managing Director is always looking for new applications for the next hire.

No and no.  We have never had the need for investors; our income from services provides the cash flow for general operations and ensures our company is solvent with little or no debt.

Our company is not public, and we do not plan on making that leap — ever.  Our customers love us because we are small and can give most customers some very valuable one-on-one attention.  Big, publicly traded corporations can’t do that.

Yes.  Our owners are devout supporters and defenders of the United States Constitution.  They believe that the document was written as-is and should only be modified in the emergency sessions congress held in the late 1800’s.

Our company is one of the few where firearms are allowed on site, which is well within state laws (so long as we don’t serve alcohol).  Our owners are US Army Veterans as well and encourage all employees to learn how to use a firearm and to buy and carry them.

There are about 9 firearms on our premises at any given time, and to-date, no one has been hurt by a firearm, nor have we been burglarized, robbed, or assaulted, as this is all very public knowledge.