Since 05:00 (5:00 am) EST (GMT – 5hrs) this morning, we have been experincing an influx of cyber attacks on our networks of the likes we have never seen before. It is not just us. Many other web providers are reporting spam, DDOS attacks, and other cyber attacks from China in volumes never before recorded.

Starting at 5 am this morning, we were dealing with over 470 DDOS attacks, and more than 10,000,000 spam bots tasked with filling up databases as fast as possible (to currupt those databases and crash the server). While they have not succedded in any attack yet because of security measures already in place, there are substancial damages and our staff will be working around the clock for a few weeks to clean up and fix the damages caused by this ongoing attack.

For the mean time we have completely blocked all Chineese IP addresses from our edge firewall. They, all of China, can no longer access or even see that our network exists. To them, it would apprear as if they succeeded in bringing down every server we have. But to the rest of us, we’re still up and running strong.

We will keep everyone updated in the customer service control panel as this situation develops. However, it is our professional opinion, that detractors of our election from China have declared a state of cyber-war on the United States, as that is all that can be extrapolated from these attacks timed the way they are.